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QBV = Soil stabilisation

BVF = Solidifikation

BV  = Stabilisation


ProjectPeriod          Area                 Binder       
Compression station in Wertingen-Prettelshofen2017until now    38.191 m²700 t
New construktion of the street to Karlsbad-Mutschelbach2017unti now       16.480 m²308 t
Wind parc in Staustein201710.360 m² 
Logistic center of the company Engelbert STrauss in SChlüchtern2017226.807 m² 
Expansion of the highway A492017194.568 m² 
Correctional instittion in  Zwickau2017until now        282.573 m²3.967 t
Construktion of the paypass Mögglingen2017until now         73.155 m²1.288 t
Cross-renovation of the highway A44/A46201727.224 m² 
Extension of the company Josef Vögele AG in Ludwigshafen2017until now        112.726 m²1.843 t
New construction of an iron warehous in Ellwangen2017until now        166.449 m²2.099 t
Industrial area "Lerchenäcker" in Backnang2017until now       33.915 m²649 t
Daimler AG in Immendingen2017until now     801.928 m² 
Construktion of the baypass Sommerau2016/2017until now    101.155 m²2.758 t
Expansion of the street 2248 to Leibelbach-Häuslingen2016/2017137.621 m²2.959 t
 Construktion of a new highway A7 from Bordesholm to Hamburg-northeast2016/2017152.064 m² 
Construktion of a new road B311 in Unlingen2016/2017299.365 m² 
Warehouse Rossmann in Malsfeld2016/2017186.860 m² 
Wind parc Bühlertann201624.981 m²504 t
A94 Isentalhighway2016167.496 m² 
Highway construction A94 east2016241.935 m² 
Renewal A5 Hemsbach south201658.184 m² 
Renewal A5  Neuthard201663.177 m" 
Renewal A5 Karlsrluhe east2016101.069 m² 
Industrieal area  Bärnroth in Esselbach2016255.770 m²4.860 t
Wind parc Gollenpark201636.585 m² 
ECE Hermes Bad Rappenau2016236.270 m²4.497 t
Logistics center in Biblis2016266.072 m² 
Expansion of the A14 Groß Warnow2016300.082 m² 
B 50 Longkamp2016617.925 m² 
Gau-Bickelheim2016133.090 m²800 t
New US-Hospilat in Weilerbach2016194.478 m² 
Administration building in Gersthofen201629.600 m²720 t
Parking extension in Herrieden201645.430 m²903 t
Wind parc Gresbach201616.390 m²330 t
Local baypass Bachhagel-Burghagel201615.472 m²328 t
Local baypass Dettenheim2015/2016273.707 m³3.972 t
Daimler car test track2015/2016534.029 m³ 
Ikea Wuppertal2015/201691.515 m³3.245 t
Expansion of the A9 Fürholzen east + west2015/2016258.338 m³4.311 t
Expansion of the A7 motorway2015/2016145.955 m³BV

and more numerous building sites in the in the whole country!


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