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Asphalt recycling - The street reconstruction of the future!

The demand on economic, effective and environmentally friendly methods for street reconstruction is increasing all the time. Permanent rehabilitation and maintenance burden the budget of lands, counties and communities.

Stetter - street reconstruction with asphalt recycling saves time and money. It preserves natural resources and furthermore offers a high economic convenience. Our Stetter-Recycling-Method is renewal of coating at the face. An exchange of tarry asphalt is not necessary because toxic elements have been immobilised.

Method - Stetter - Asphalt recycling

Cold recycling is an environmentally friendly and economic procedure for assembling high-quality base courses. The binder is applicated directly to the asphalt where it gets mixed together with the coating and a piece of the sub-base. It gets converted to an extremely stable and frost-resisting road bed in one production step by the addition of water.


Advantages - Stetter - Street reconstruction with asphalt recycling

  • 50 % cost reduction compared to conventional methods
  • Extremely shortened construction time.
  • Streets can faster be committed to traffic!
  • Significant reduction of transports to the building site
  • Environmental protection and cost reduction by avoiding the dumping of tarry asphalt
  • Excavated materials don`t have to be removed. Residents and streets are not burdened because of the transports
  • Long-lasting improvement of the capacity and frost resistance
  • Extended using of streets because of a better stability of the subgrade, even at the side-strip

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