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Our milling machines

BSF 2200, BSF 2500 and BSF 3500 and WS 250

Soil stabilisation requires machines with high stability. The BSF soil stabilisation milling machines from Stetter are sophisticated products incorporating more than 20 years of experience in soil stabilisation. The robust drives guarantee a high level of reliability and availability.

At home on the largest soil building sites in Europe

From one-day construction sites to large building sites - from sewer construction to permanent use in motorway construction – the BSF models perform reliable work anywhere and everywhere. Daily performance levels of 5,000 – 7,000 and even 10,000 m2 are no problem for the soil stabilisation milling machines. With a performance of more than 5 million square metres and a life span of more than 10 years without repairs, the BSF professional units face the most difficult challenges in non-stop permanent use.

The range of missions our milling machines

Optimised stabilisation of soils with lime, cement or other binding agents amongst simultaneous milling, bulking of problematical undergrounds with powerful tractors, homogenisation of soil mixtures, creation of farm and forest roads, recultivation tasks, soil aeration and restoration, waste tip construction, special use such as for the crushing of raw clay in clay mining, forest pulverizing and mixing tasks etc.

The advantages

  • No expensive maintaining of special machines: agricultural tractors are suitable as carrier vehicles
  • Optimal traction due to rear-mounting
  • No direct driving over the milled and pre-sealed soil
  • No loss of performance due to the hydraulic drive or Powerband
  • Significantly easier, more manoeuvrable and less expensive than self-driving milling machines
  • Work is possible in both directions
  • Transport can take place on a low loader or axle
  • Professional equipment with particularly stable design and robust drives

Technical specifications

Operating width:2.200 mm2.500 mm3.500 mm
Rotor diameter:800 mm800 mm700 mm
Milling depth (consolidated):400 mm400 mm300 mm
Number of tools:87 pieces102 pieces142 pieces
Total weight:3.380 kg3.920 kg4.750 kg
Drive speed:1.000 rpm1.000 rpm1.000 rpm

Power requirement min.:

150 kW170 kW190 kW
Power requirement max.:250 kW250 kW250 kW

* Please ask for other BSF mill widths


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