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Arge A7 - 6 Streifiger extension from Bordersholm to Hamburg

2015/2016: With 1.6 billion euros, it is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Germany. Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CDU) gave the starting signal  in Quickborn. In this major project, F. J. Stetter GmbH was commissioned with the soil improvement for construction phases 1 and 3. In this context, approximately 145,995 m² of floor were processed with more than 7,000 tonnes of binder.

New building XXXL - Lutz furniture store

2015: During the construction of a XXXL Lutz furniture store, F. J. Stetter GmbH carried out the floor improvement on an area of around 250,000 m². It was in a period of 3 months on the entire surface of a portable floor produced, which has influenced the further course of the construction site significantly positive.

Daimler AG & test track in Immendingen

Since 2014: Since F. J. Stetter GmbH has been successfully used in the construction of the new Daimler test track in Immendingen since 2014, approx. 995,000 m² with approx. 21,500 t of binder have been processed for the new Daimler AG building.

The F. J. Stetter GmbH sets with the qualified soil stabilization the foundation for a sustainable loadable test track, which must meet the highest requirements. In order to provide a high-quality basis for this project, our large milling machines WR 2500 and WR 2400 are in use together with a water truck and self-propelled large area spreader. The special technology enables the mix to be penetrated directly with water via the rotor and optimally homogenized.

Cold recycling Dunstelkingen

03/ 2013: F. J. Stetter GmbH was involved in the renewal of a road near Dunstelkingen by cold recycling with a Wirtgen high-performance milling machine. The old topcoat was broken up, homogenized and immobilized. Cold recycling can save up to 90% of the usual raw materials. In this way, the process is particularly environmentally friendly as economically useful.


Expansion of a Produktion area in the the wood- processing

09/2012: For the expansion of production area of a company active in the wood- processing industry the were around 80.000cbm of transported material which has to be stabilised. Additionally, a solidification of around 100.000m² were established.

With powerfully technic this high workload was mastered by the F.J. Stetter GmbH. A big water transporter which was connected to the milling machine contributes to a very fast construction progress because there didn’t accure any stopping times in relation to water shortages. During the assembly of the binder through the milling progress the water transporter is pushed by the milling machine. During the milling progress the milling machine aspirates the water out of the water container and is dispensing it accurate to a tenth of a percentage point into the mixing chamber.


Restructuring of the main road B29 between Nördlingen and Plaumloch

08/2012: In course of the restructuring of the main road between Nördlingen and Plaumloch thr graund was viabled by the F.J. Stetter GmbH thougt the procress of soil stabilization.

In this context the highest demands were existing stone which are likely established when the road was build decades ago.


The F.J. Stetter GmbH - at home on the langest construction sits!

08/2011:The restructuring of the autobahn A8 between Ulm and Augsburg a process long overdue is going into it`s critical phase of realization.

The project has an overall lenght of more than 30 km and is realized as a PPP-Project (Public-Privat-Partnership). The completion date is planned fpr 2015.

In the course of the immense earth movements the F.J. Stetter GmbH is stabilizing with several milling machinses and speader and contributes his part to the successful finalization of the project.


New logistics center, near to Barsinghausen

04/2011: The renaissance of the scraper goes on!
In close collaboration with the prine contactor company Depenbrock on this construction site on an area of 30 ha about 650,000 cubic meters of soil we be moved. The earth movement is mainly carried out by four of the Scraper 3 of the     FJ Stetter GmbH. The interaction of technology and experience of the F.J. Stetter GmbH, enormous masses of soil can be moved, stabilized and thus time and costs can be saved.

Development of the U-Bahn Dusseldorf

02/2011: The F.J.-Stetter GmbH not only service privider on the largest construction sites in Europe, but also a qualified service provider for the completion of special requests!
In the city center of Düsseldorf the construction of a new underground line was supported through soil improvement works. The biggest challenge was the site in 12 meters depth.

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New Airport Kassel-Calden

02/2011: Near to the existing airport to Kassel-Caldern, the consortium build the new airport.

On an area of nearly 190 ha, we can bee one of the biggest construction sites in germany. the F.J. Stetter GmbH achieve with machines and experience the soil stabilisation of nearly 5.000.000 cbm.

B10 Göppingen-Gingen B 486 OU Süßen

10/2010: Stetter will stabilize there over 200.000 m3.

New construction of the highway Bordeaux-Pau

04/2010: On a track of over 150 km Stetter supports the main responsible Effage-Group with tecnology, experience and know-how.

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Building Storage Ardagh Glass Germersheim

03/2010: For soil improvement, 250 tons of binder will be incorporated in a depth of 0,40 m in an area of nearly 10.000 m2...

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Exploitation of Bahnstadt Heidelberg

03/2010: Also in 2010 Stetter contributes to the success of the Bahnstadt Heidelberg...

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Street reconstruction in Kosovo

09/2009: Kosovan administrations became attentive to the F.J. Stetter GmbH because of the know-how and the technical special equipment in the range of street reconstruction...

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Olympia-lake Munich

11/2009: The F.J. Stetter GmbH, a specialist for sensitive grounds, has been consulted for the treatment of the Munich Olympia-lake’s mud. On an 8 ha large area the mud gets conditioned for the transport and at the same procedure there is effected an immobilisation of toxic elements.

Exploitation of Bahnstadt Heidelberg

04/2009: Within the framework of the extensive exploitation, an area of 300,000 m2 is improved – by a cutting depth of up to 50 cm.

A6 industrial area Sinsheim

11/2008: 4 CAT Scraper 627 G are transporting and embedding about 650,000 m3. The partial non stable grounds are improved at the same time by StetterDutzi spreaders SPS 1902 and ground stabilisers of CAT and BOMAG.

New development of the service centre Möckmühl

11/2008: 565,000 m2 are improved in just 50 days. About 8,500 tons of binder are incorporated.


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