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Stetter cuts and mixes itself with Zeppelin Cat into the future

A new expansive era has been sealed for the interior and overseas: The F.J. Stetter GmbH, a pioneer in ground stabilisation since 1978, has signed a sales contract about seven Cat ground stabilisators of the biggest type RM-500 at the 7th July 2007. Those will be the first in the FRG. Therewith, the company in Rainau-Buch, located between Würzburg and Ulm, sets a bright signal for the future: The family business aims for an expansion with partners like Zeppelin and Caterpillarin the market it co-founded in the 1970s. In 2007 the F.J. Stetter GmbH has increased the sales about more than 30 per cent compared to the previous year. Franz Josef Stetter had been inspired by the history of the Russian czars. They embedded lime into their streets already in the 17th century, and so they stabilised their grounds. Because of that inspiration and his own experience in the handling of grounds, Franz Josef Stetter as one of the first developed methods to make grounds stable again with lime and other binders. At first, he tried that methods at small building sites, but soon there followed the large-scale use of the methods. Thereby, the binder, which has been attuned to the ground, is distributed with the help of a special spreader, milled in, mixed and consolidated at the preset area.

Stetter began developing machines for land improvement like add-on mills, spreaders or multifunction machines, which are manufactured by Stetter Dutzi, a company of the Stetter Group. Newly, the machines are distributed worldwide with a big partner and they attract interest as downright innovative special machines. Within shortest time, Stetter was an accredited partner of famous civil engineering companies. Many important projects accumulated to Stetter´s list of references in the last years because of his pioneer work in his “favourite metier” and the high quality and reliability of the company. The soil conditioner had a share in the success of those projects. One of those projects had been the ICE-track between Frankfurt and Cologne. The stabilised track had been 46 kilometres in length and about 2,5 million cubic metres. Another project had been the Allianz-Arena in Munich with about 250.000 square metres. In the Günzburg Legoland about 40 000 tons of binder had to be milled in a depth of 40 centimetres in an area of nearly 2 million square metres. Currently Stetter has had building sites at the A73 in Ebersdorf with about 546 000 square metres, at the SAP Arena in Sinsheim with about 750 000 square metres, 40 centimetres depth to mill, about 12 000 tons of binder and three stabilisers in use, at the Impuls stadium of the FC Augsburg with 250 000 square metres and 50 centimetres to mill, or the building project Ladenburger in Kerkingen with 440 000 square metres and 40 centimetres depth to mill. At present, there is an exploitation in Grafenwöhr, where 180 000 cubic metres have to be stabilised. All this is only a short abridgement of all ongoing and completed projects. Additionally, Stetter has got the smaller building sites under control. At those building sites there are 5 spreader- and mill-groups in use.

Soil improvement with CAT – more actual than ever.

Stetter´s experience attracts much more attention in the last time because the business area of soil improvement becomes more important. Economical as well as ecological reasons are responsible for that: for example there can be stabilised up to 60 tons of ground, depending on the soil conditions, with only one tonne of lime. ”With one tonne of lime I can save the waste of 60 tons of ground as well as the delivery of 60 tons of extraneous material. This saves costs – pay attention to the enormous diesel price - , it shortens the work schedule at the building sites and furthermore it has a share in decreasing the CO2 emission. Irrespective of that, the German law of life-cycle management regulates, that no ground is allowed to be departed if it is possible to use it again at the building site.” There is an economic force in the effective use of available ground because the exercise price of good flint or gravel is increasing as well as the disposal costs of the useless ground and the transportation costs. Additionally there are tight time slots for the construction projects. They can be completed just in time by the method of soil improvement. The ecological awareness is increasing and so economic-ecological problems become more important. New solutions should not be called in question.

Family business is on the course of expansion

Stetter now wants to use his funded knowledge for the successful expansion of business operations in the family business with 150 employees belonging to the Stetter Group because of the increasing importance of soil improvement. Therefore, the company decided to change from his present manufacturer and distributor of ground stabilisers after 10 years of collaboration to Zeppelin and Caterpillar. “We made this decision because we thought that we won’t be able to reach the goals that we wanted to aim for our philosophy and our future with our present manufacturer”, said Franz Josef Stetter. There should be an expansion of operations in Germany as well as in foreign countries. “Zeppelin with Caterpillar seems to us very interesting as a partner because it offers excellent products and it provides excellent services all over the country and throughout Europe. Here we want to expand increased, and Zeppelin possesses the suitable sub companies and service centres there”, Stetter continues. He also wants to join the leasing business. “Within the framework of the increasing commercial construction we want to grow in the order processing with the help of leasing our machines.” In his spare time, the business manager is a passionate collector of tractors. Amongst others, the Schlüter Profitrac 5000 TVL with 375 kw/500 PS – a unique - , which is the biggest tractor in Europe, owns to Stetter. He has also arranged the succession: by now, his son Markus is a shareholder and responsible for the soil improvement in the F.J. Stetter GmbH.


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