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Street reconstruction in Kosovo

09/2009: Kosovan administrations became attentive to the F.J. Stetter GmbH because of the know-how and the technical special equipment in the range of street reconstruction.

Stetter created and submitted a reconstruction concept after the first conversations and visits. The F.J. Stetter GmbH was able to convince after interminable discussions how there can be made a street according to international standards from a rural road.

The often changing material of the streets and ground, the general roadway arrangement, the discharge of rain water, the pipe fairleads and the connecting of houses and farmyards to existing ancillary roads had been the main challenges.

The minister of transport and other personalities from industry and policy were able to assure themselves of the positive work result already after finishing the first section. They entrusted the F.J. Stetter GmbH with more reconstruction operations which go far into the year 2010.

Chronology of the first assignment in pictures

The found streets of local connection had mostly been gravel paths with many potholes. They are used by the heavy load as well as by carriages.

The F.J. Stetter GmbH was able to start stabilisation after exhaustive uprooting and levelling.

A CAT RM 500 and a StetterDutzi SPS 1902 on a MAN TGA special truck had been attached by Stetter as technical equipment.

The assignment of the Stetter`s special technique amazes people in many places (here: spreading of the binder). Even the companion animals, which can be seen everywhere, are inspired by the process engineering of Stetter. Hoardings don’t play a major role…

Based on the excellent work result at the ground stabilisation we were able to apply the asphalt in the next work step.


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